Birdwatching in Wagga Wagga

September 22, 2009, 3:45 pm
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Few resources exist – on the internet or elsewhere – for those in the Wagga area interested in bird-watching. Species lists and bird-routes are available for Griffith, Grenfell, Henty, the Fivebough and Tuckerbil Wetlands and Rankins Springs, but not (to the best of my knowledge) Wagga. The best resources I have come across are the Australian Birdfair Website, which has a general list for the Riverina-Murrumbidgee area, and Birdata, which allows you to retrieve a list of species recorded in a particular area. The aim of this blog is to supplement general information of this kind with more specific details – where birds are found, how often particular species are sighted, and so on. A disclaimer: all of the observations on this website are my own, and are the work of an enthusiast rather than a professional of any kind. Most posts will consist of lists of species found in a given area, accompanied by photographs and notes on anything I consider to be relevant or of interest. Enjoy.

Note that the site will have a fairly temporary feel about it for some time – it is prone to change at any moment.


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Excellent website. Very informative and slick. Five bough swap at Leeton is also an excellent place in the region to check migratory birds you don’t get the opportunity to see in other regions.Schultz is the president of the local bird watching group there which maybe helpful. Good luck. Off to the Barringtons for a spot of twitching.

Comment by Adam Pratt

Yeah, Fivebough is fantastic. Thanks for stopping by, and good luck in the Barringtons – there are certainly some magnificent birds up there.

Comment by wwdavid

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